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We manufacture the finest quality armour and have stocks for all periods - it's been said that we hold more armour than the Tower of London !
Gauntlet detail
Gauntlet detail
Helm detail
Gauntlet detail
Gladiator armour detail
King's gauntlets
Roman leather cuirasse

Excellent leather workers.

Gothic suit

We have resin/latex armours in stock ideal for equestrian work when taking falls; does not crack/split and durable.

Made-to-measure armour can be produced in aluminium or steel. Stocks for hire or retail are available in all sizes and include chainmail and padded jackets. For those into re-enactment, suits of armour can be provided in heavy metal with fully articulated legs, arms and gauntlets, giving maximum freedom of movement

As a guideline, an average suit of armour to wear, including chainmail, would cost around 2,500. Depending on quality and complexity the cost of a suit would normally range from 1,750 to 5,000.
A three-part plated chainmail suit can be produced for 250.

Fully articulated ornate suit with brass trim
Terry in Spanish armour - El Tel perhaps?
Kings Armour Terry in Spanish armour - El Tel perhaps? SIR-ROY-STRONG

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