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We manufacture banners in a wide range of materials and can produce any size or design to your specification.
20ft by 12ft banner
We may also have exactly what you need in our extensive stock of banners and flags.

Our stocks include many quality single-sided medieval banners suitable for adorning those castle walls. Also available are double-sided 6x3 heraldic fishtail banners to add the finishing touch any lance.

Joan of Arc pennant
Banners can be displayed from 12ft. wooden poles standing in heavy metal bases aloft to the side or centre hanging from 12ft, 10ft and 8ft poles.
Fishtail banner 6x3
We have 6ft Tapestries, to 30in x 24in sizes in stock.
20ft by 12ft banner
We have cotton banners and flags from yard and a half sizes to 12ft in length banners made of satin both sides printed and sewn which are of best quality.

Joan of Arc pennant
20ft by 12ft banner
Joan of Arc pennant
Joan of Arc pennant


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